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What Exactly Is Online Marketing?

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With so many options available, it’s easy to lose focus when it comes to marketing online.  What’s working today, may not be working tomorrow, and with so many different platforms emerging in recent times, it’s hard to fathom what is viable and what is a total waste of time.  Roger Jeffries from was recently quoted as saying: “With our population engaging more than ever before,  it’s essential that business owners be aware of the ever changing online landscape”.  That being said, what exactly does it mean to market online?

Winning The Sales Battle With Customer Service

There is a common saying within business that goes something like this – “If you see the crowd swimming one way, you need to swim against the tide and go in the opposite direction”.  Such is the case when it comes to this article on a unique perspective concerning customer service

Outside the box thinking in similar industries have lead to outstanding business growth results.  History is littered with this type of against the grain mindset that has led to long term business success.

When it comes to customer service principles, use of social media, and customer engagement, it’s easy to follow the crowd. There are a lot of people out there saying the same things and providing the same guidelines.